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Performance Analysis of 12Slot-14Pole for HEFSM and FEFSM with Outer-Rotor Configuration PDF
Syed Muhammad Naufal Syed Othman, Mohamed Zarafi Ahmad, Mohamed Mubin Aizat Mazlan, Erwan Sulaiman
Design Refinement and Improvement of Flux Switching Machine with Outer-Rotor Configuration PDF
Md Zarafi Ahmad
Design Studies and Performance of Single-Phase HEFSM with Various Rotor Pole Number for Hybrid Electric Vehicle Applications PDF
Mohamed Mubin Aizat Mazlan, Md Zarafi Ahmad, Erwan Sulaiman, Syed Muhammad Naufal Syed Othman
Preliminary Design of Field Excitation Flux Switching Motor on the Impact of Various Rotor Pole Number for Hybrid Electric Vehicles PDF
Zhafir Aizat Husin, Erwan Sulaiman, Faisal Khan, Mohd Fairoz Omar
Initial Design Structure of E-Core HEFSM with Various Slot-Pole Combination for EV/HEVs PDF
Siti Nur Umira Zakaria
Self Power Temperature and Humidity Data Logger PDF
Sharifah Saon, Tay Chee Boon, Abd Kadir Mahamad
Comparison of Three Phase and Single Phase FE-FSM with Segmental Rotor PDF
Hassan Ali Soomro, Erwan Sulaiman, muhammad Fairoz Omer, Mahyuzie Jenal
Identification of Material Surface Features using Gray Level Co-Occurrence Matrix and Generalized Regression Neural Network PDF
Abd Kadir Mahamad
Performance Comparison between Two Different Designs of 12S-10P HEFSM for High-speed HEV’s PDF
Nurul Ain Jafar
Measurement of Flat Lens Antenna Unit Cell using Waveguide Simulators PDF
Abdisamad Ali Awaleh, S. H. Dahlan, M. Z. M. Jenu
Small Signal Modelling of InGaAs/InAlAs pHEMT for low noise applications PDF
Norhawati Ahmad
Optimization of Gate Recess Step and Elimination of the Dome Effect for Highly Reliable and Reproducible Novel pHEMT Device PDF
Muammar Muhamad Isa
Design and Analysis of Ultrathin Pillar VDG-MOSFET for Low Power (LP) Technology PDF
Khairil Ezwan Kaharudin, Abdul Hamid Hamidon, Fauziyah Salehuddin
Optimum MV Feeder Routing and Substation siting and rating in Distribution Network PDF
Ihsan Jabbar Hasan, Ruddin Ab Ghani, Chin Kim Gan
Comparative Study of 24Slot-10Pole and 24Slot-14Pole Three-Phase Wound Field Salient Rotor Switched-Flux Motor PDF
Faisal Khan, Erwan Sulaiman, Md Zarafi Ahmad, Zhafir Aizat Husin
Location-Based Safety Alert System Using Android Phone PDF
The Material Characterization by using Microwave Signal Properties at 2.4 GHz and 5.2 GHz PDF
Noor Azamiah Md Fauzi, Mohamad Zoinol Abidin Abd. Aziz, Maizatul Alice Meor Said, Mahfuzah Md Shukor, Mohd Azlishah Othman, Badrul Hisham Ahmad, Mohamad Kadim Suaidi, Mohd Fareq Abd Malek
Development Heart Rate Monitoring using ZigBee PDF
Mohamad Harris Misran
Analysis on the Performance of Textile Circular Antenna under Bending Conditions PDF
Mohd Saari Mohamad Isa, Aini Noor Liana Azmi, Azmi Awang Md Isa, Mohd Shahril Izuan Mohd Zin, Mohd Shakir Md Saat, Asmala Ahmad
The Study about the Effect of the Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) on the Different Material of Substrate PDF
Mahfuzah Md. Shukor
Experimental Verification of Wide-Band Energy Harvesting using Piezoelectric Multi-cantilever with Resonant Frequency Variation PDF
Swee Leong Leong
Modeling of Spring-Mass-Damper Piezoelectric Equivalent Circuit for Multi-cantilever in Harvesting wide-band vibration sources PDF
Swee Leong Leong
A New LVDC Microgrid Wiring System Design and Modification for Conventional Residential LED Lighting Application PDF
Syarmeela Musa
Development of Energy Monitoring System based on Human Behavior by using Arduino Microcontroller PDF
Nur Hanim Mustafa
Resistive Bridge Fault Simulation and Analysis for Resistive RAM PDF
Norsuhaidah Arshad
The Performance Comparison of Object Detection Methods in Digital Image PDF
Phaklen Ehkan


Sustainable Filter Media for Physiochemical Treatment of Greywater in Single Village House PDF
Anwaruddin Ahmed Wurochekke
Post-Cyclic Behaviour of Soil – A Critical Review PDF
Habib Musa Musa Mohamad
Multivariate Analysis of Temporal Features using Principal Component Analysis for Early Fire Detection in Buildings PDF
A.M Andrew
The use of natural resources for wastewater treatment PDF
Nadiatul Adilah Ahmad Abdul Ghani
Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams with Openings in the Shear Zone PDF
Siew Choo Chin, Doh Shu Ing
Eggshell Powder: Potential Filler in Concrete PDF
Shu Ing Doh, Siew Choo Chin, Adilen Suil
Investigation of Sewage Flows in Universiti Malaysia PAHANG's Sewerage System PDF
Ngien Su Kong, Norasman Othman, Nadiatul Adilah Ahmad Abdul Ghani
Evaluation of Trigger Level at Equilibrium Conditions When Private Vehicles Equal to Public Transport Users PDF
Nur Fahriza Mohd Ali
Behaviour of Asphalt Mixtures with Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate and High Density Polyethylene Pellet as Fine Aggregate Replacement PDF
Wan Mohd. Nazmi Wan Abdul Rahman, Achmad Fauzi Abdul Wahab, Siti Noorain Zulkifly
Siti Khalijah Yaman


Napier Grass as Alternative Pulps : From Physical and Chemical Properties PDF
Mohd Zainuri Mohd Hatta
Experimental Investigation on Mechanical and Morphology Properties of Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethelene (UHMWPE)/ Chitosan-Zinc Oxide (ZnO) Hybrid Composites PDF
Mohd Firdaus Omar
Thermal Properties of Polyethylene Grafted Maleic Anhydride Compatibilised High Density Polyethylene/ Thermoplastic Soya Spent Powder Blends PDF
Sam Sung Ting
Study Of Biocomposites From Rice Straw And Polylactic Acid PDF
Nurul Hani Md Zubir
Effects of Recycled Silicone Catheter Filled SMR L on Tensile Properties and Morphology PDF
Nor Munirah Rohaizad
Influences of Recycled Silicone Catheter Filled SMR L on The Cure Characteristics and Swelling Behaviour PDF
Nor Munirah Rohaizad
Evaluating Compressive Properties Of Expandable Polyurethane Foam For Use In A Synthetic Spine PDF
Nor Amalina Muhayudin
Meat Color Recognition and Classification Based on Color using NIR/VIS Camera PDF
V. Nai Chiana
Synthesis, characterization and activity evaluation of visible light responsive CuFe2O4 catalyst PDF
M. Rahim Uddin, M. Maksudur Rahman Khan, Md. Wasikur Rahman, Abu yousuf, Chin Kui Cheng
Natural Reduction Of Graphene Oxide To Graphene Using Kaffir Lime Leaves Extract PDF
Geraldine Sue Ching Chan, Fui Chin Chong, Bun Hoo Chan, Willy Xiu Fa Wong
Web-based Modelling of Chemical Processes Using MOSAIC : A Reactive Distillation Case Study PDF
Mohamad Rizza Othman, Chieng Tiew Hing
Optimisation of Bioethanol Yield from Oil Palm Trunk Sap PDF
Rossyuhaida Mohd Zakria, Gek Kee Chua, Jolius Gimbun, M.N. Nor Shahirah, Sook Fun Pang, Mohd Fazli Farida Asras, Chin Kui Cheng, Ahmad Ziad Sulaiman
Microencapsulation of Polyphenols from Orthosiphon stamineus Leaves Extracts using Polysaccharide and Protein PDF
Sook Fun Pang, Jolius Gimbun, Mashitah Mohd Yusoff, Luqman Chuah Abdullah
Waste Cooking Oil Transesterification using Continuous Microwave Assisted Reactor (CMAR) PDF
Mohd Affandi Mohd Ali, Jolius Gimbun, Chin Kui Cheng, Rosli Mohd Yunus
CFD Simulation of Particle Residence Time in Small and Industrial Scale Spray Dryer PDF
Noor Intan Shafinas Muhammad, Jolius Gimbun
Comparison of Biodiesel Properties Produced from Moringa oleifera Seeds Oil and Palm Oil PDF
Eman Noori Ali
Flooding Possibility in Two-Immiscible-Liquid System of Enzymatic Biodiesel Synthesis PDF
Mohd Sabri Mahmud
Effect of Pyrolysis Paramater and Catalyst on Oil Production from Empty Fruit Bunch PDF
Rohazriny Rohim


Sound Absorption of Microporous Processable of Flexible Polyol and Biomonomer PDF
Quratul Aine Adnan
Vibration and Damping Characteristic of biopolymer upon UV exposure PDF
Nik Normunira Mat Hassan
Sound behavior of polymer foam composite with different composition of wood dust filler PDF
Shafizah Saadon
Influence of UV Irradiation for Biopolymer and It’s Composites PDF
Siti Rahmah Mohid
Thermal Characteristic of Biopolymer Foam using Hot Compression Technique PDF
Nik Normunira Mat Hassan
Analysis of Product Defects using Failure Mode Effect and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) A Case Study in Automotive Parts Manufacturing Industry PDF
Nurul Ain Ahmad
Product Reject Analysis using Weibull Distribution Model A Case Study in Automotive Parts Manufacturing Industry PDF
Elymatun Saadiah Zaini
Numerical Investigation of the Aerodynamics of Three Blades Vertical Axis Wind Turbine having Movable Vanes PDF
Kadhim H. Suffer
Properties of Gyroscope Motion About One Axis PDF
Ryspek Usubamatov
Retrofits of a partial combustion lance using a computational fluid dynamics PDF
Woon Phui Law, Jolius Gimbun
Plastic Pipe Crack Detection Using Ultrasonic Guided Wave Method PDF
Wan Sofian Wan Hamat, Mohd Fairusham Ghazali, Gigih Priyandoko, Tan Wan Ching
Design of CF for Automotive Body Parts Based on Artificial Intelligent PDF
Bastian Wibar Momang
Detecting Leak in Gas Pipeline using Continuous Wavelet Transform And Kurtosis PDF
Nurul Fatiehah Adnan
Numerical Modelling of Triangular Corrugated-core Sandwich Panel subjected to Impact Loading PDF
Mohd Ruzaimi Mat Rejab
Friction Compensation for Precise Positioning System using Friction-Model Based Approach PDF
Chiew Tsung Heng
Polypropylene-Nanoclay Nanocomposites: The Optimisation of Parameter Settings Towards Quality of Snap Fit Samples PDF
Mohd Hilmi Othman
Effects of Substrate Surface Roughness and Energy using Pulse DC Substrate Bias during PVD Cleaning on Coating Adhesion PDF
Hanizam Hashim
Influence Of Calcium Hydroxide Concentration On The Synthesis Nanosized Precipitated Calcium Carbonate, PCC PDF
Nooririnah Omar
Application of Polypropylene Polymer Waste in Green Lightweight Concrete PDF
Mohd Ahadlin Bin Mohd Daud
Mohd Zulkefli Selamat
Performance of Wire-EDM Parameters on Machining Characteristics of Titanium Alloy (Ti6Al4V) using Taguchi Method PDF
Mohd Amran Md Ali, Noor Azam Jaafar, Raja Izamshah Raja Abullah, Nur Izan Syahriah Hussein, Mohd Sanusi Abdul Aziz, Mohd Shahir Kasim, Mohd Amri Sulaiman, Mohd Hadzley Abu Bakar, Mohd Rizal Salleh, Effendi Mohamad, Pay Jun Liew, Zulkeflee Abullah, Sivarao Subramonian
Design and Analysis of Shape-Changing Slat of 30P30N Airfoil PDF
Mohammad Hazrin Ismail


Approach of Assessing ‘Hands-on’ in Laboratory Exercises in Engineering Technology Courses PDF
Zol Bahri Razali, Mohd Hisam Daud
Kesan Pembangunan Jalan Raya Terhadap Pembelajaran Pelajar dari Aspek Keselamatan PDF
Nur Shazwan Mohd Solhi, yusmarwati yusof
Factors Of Relationship Between Occupational Stress, Developing Training Needs And Performance Enhancement Of SMEs’ Employees In Melaka pdf
Raja Roslan Raja Abd Rahman, Norazlina Mohd Darus, Othman Aman, Hassan Adnan, Mohd Amin Ahmad
Ergonomic Assessments of Laboratory Working with Seating and Standing Postures PDF
Bhuvenesh Rajamony
i-Traktor: Ploughing Incentive Management System for Malaysian Paddy Farmers PDF
Norfazlin Rashid
Aligning and Giving Meanings On Student Learning: A UNIMAP Journey Facing New Challenges PDF
Salleh Abd Rashid
Multilayer Perceptron (MLP) Vs. Multiple Regression (MR) Model: The performance evaluation analysis using Breast Cancer Database PDF
Zukime Mat Junoh
The Initiatives of Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM) in the Malaysian Construction Industry PDF
Nur Syamimi Zulkefli
Determining The Contribution Of Dea Efficiency Using Shapley Value PDF
Muhamad Arifpin Mansor, Nik Afieza Che Azhar
Development of a Network DEA Model to Measure Production Line's Performance: A Case Study for Automation and Labor Combination PDF
Konsep Al-Quwwah Al-Insaniyyah Menurut Perspektif Al-Quran, Kepentingannya Dalam Pengajaran Dan Pembelajaran Serta Kesannya Di Dunia Industri PDF
Mohamad Hilmi Mat Said
Online Library Databases Quality and Users' Satisfaction: A Case Study at a Malaysian Technical University PDF
Nor Hazana Abdullah, Eta Wahab, Alina Shamsuddin, Nor Aziati Abdul Hamid, Muhamad Saufi Che Rusuli
Investigating the Gap Between University and Host Company in Students Performance Assessment and Evaluation for Industrial Training Programme A Case Study PDF
Khairul Anwar Ibrahim, Arfah Ahmad, Aliza Che Amran
Behind The Eco Product Innovation Efforts: A Systematic Literature of Dynamic PDF
Nlizwa Rashid
Foreign Direct Investment and Performance of Japanese Subsidiaries in Malaysia PDF
Norhidayah Mohamad
Giving Back Is Always a Good Option PDF
Naziatul Aziah Mohd Radzi
The Adoption Of Website For Private Business Sector In Klang Valley Malaysia PDF
Haslinda Musa
Defining the Characteristics of Digital Natives among Malaysian Technical University Networks’ Students PDF
Muliati Sedek, Rosnaini Mahmud, Rabiah Ahmad
Capturing New Customer by Using Advertisement on Parking Ticket PDF
Haslinda Musa
Entrepreneurial Competencies: Participation in Human Capital Development (HCD) Program PDF
Nurhazwani Othman
Unified theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT): Empowering and acceptance of Technology in Malaysia PDF
Fairus Abu, Juhaini Jabar, Ahmad Rozelan Yunus


Synthesis and characterization of polysiloxane containing methyl vinyl groups PDF
Shehu Isah Danlami
Microbiological Studies on Bacteria Associated with Dental Caries PDF
Muna Jalal Ali, Essam A. Makky, Mashitah M. Yusoff
Isolation of L-Asparaginase from Natural Waste: Squid Cartilage Bone PDF
Tahira Batool, Essam Makky, Mashitah Yusoff
A Review of Thermal Vacuum Chamber Capability Performance at Acceptance Test Level PDF
Nor'asnilawati Salleh, Hamid Salim
Identification of (CdSe)32 structure in microemulsion-based synthesis for solar cell applications PDF
Saifful Kamaluddin Muzakir
Transport of Welding Fumes in Automotive Industry PDF
Norhidayah Abdull
Material Properties - Short Circuit Current Correlations in Quantum Dot Solar Cell PDF
Saifful Kamaluddin Muzakir
Regeneration of calcium oxide (CaO) from waste gypsum via two-step reaction PDF
Neshabran Ramachandran, Gaanty Pragas Maniam
Rice husk silica supported oil palm fruit ash as a catalyst in the transesterification of waste frying oil PDF
Gaanty Pragas Maniam, Noor Hindryawati
High performance flower shape MnO2 for asymmetric supercapacitor device in aqueous electrolyte PDF
Izan Izwan Misnon
Effect of Draw Solution On The Treatment of Humic Acid In Forward Osmosis Process PDF
Mazrul Nizam Abu Seman
Green bioactive loaded oral nanomedicines for efficient control of Diabetes PDF
Partha Roy
Photo-crosslinking Permanent Optical Storage Devices using Biocompatible Kojic Acids PDF
Gurumurthy Hegde
A Study of Kuantan, Pahang Malaysia Terrestrial Background Radiation in Determination of Uranium & Potassium-40 PDF
Nurlin Abu Samah
Electrolytic Decomposition of Hydroxylammonium Nitrate (HAN) Mixtures in Micropropulsion PDF
Wahida T. F.
Faridah Kormin


A Systematic Review: Development Techniques and Utilization of Expert Systems Inferences for Health and Safety Environment in Oil & Gas and Petroleum Industries. PDF
Muhammad Mujtaba Asad
K-Harmonic Means Data Clustering with Firefly Search Approach PDF
Pauline Ong, Zarita Zainuddin
High Capacity Performance Using New Dual Diffuser Modulation Technique To Reduce The Scintillation Effect In Free Space Optical Communication PDF
A.K Rahman, S.A Aljunid, M.S Anuar
Mahalanobis Quality Threshold ARTMAP for Pattern Prediction and Classification PDF
Shahrul Nizam Yaacob, Lakhmi Jain
New Approach of Flexible Cross Correlation (FCC) Algorithm for Noise Alleviation on OCDMA Systems PDF
C.B.M Rashidi
Realization Analysis of Incoherent Two-Dimensional Hybrid Code Optical CDMA PDF
Aishah Hussin
Impact of Different Code Size on the Performance of 2-D Hybrid FCC-MDW code in OCDMA System PDF
N.Din Keraf
Development of Simulated Annealing Based Scheduling Algorithm for Two Machines Flow Shop Problem PDF
Kamal Zuhairi Zamli
Generating t-way Test Suite in the Presence of Constraints PDF
Kamal Zuhairi Zamli
Late Acceptance Hill Climbing Based Strategy for Test Redundancy Reduction and Prioritization PDF
Kamal Zuhairi Zamli
A Comparative Analysis of PSNR value for Images using Wavelet Based Thresholding Methods PDF
Nik Shahidah Taujuddin
Online Reading Assessment for Malaysian Young Adults with Dyslexia PDF
Nur Amalina Binti Mohamad Hazawawi
Risk Analysis Tools and Comparison with Risk Factors in Developing a Fuzzy Model PDF
Ahmed Yaser Mohd Zabawi
A Comparative Study Of Fuzzy C-Means And K-Means PDF
Afirah Taufik, Sharifah Sakinah Syed Ahmad
Enhancement of Rotation Invariant and Duplication in Image Pattern Detection PDF
Tioh Keat Soon, Abd. Samad bin Hasan Basari, Burairah bin Hussin
Mobile Dyslexia Screening Test: A New Approach through Multiple Deficit Model Mobile Game to Screen Developmental Dyslexia Children PDF
Saifuddin Mohtaram, Naim Che Pee, Abdul Samad Sibgatullah